Thursday, September 2, 2010

Wishlist and Whimsy

I'm finishing up a sewing project that's had many ups and downs this week. It's been in the making since the day I got back in February and I'll be excited to share the first prototype tomorrow... but, until then, I threw together a wishlist for my birthday next week!

1. I'm in love with these busts from Anthropologie! Made from used cement bags and pages from French books they're not the least bit creepy and I want them in my future Malindi themed dinning room.

2. My dog, Fiver, is named after a rabbit in the book Watership Down by Richard Adams. So, naturally, I'm obsessed with rabbits. I also want to collect charms to make a bracelet for myself that really means something and this Bunny bracelet from Shana Logic is the perfect place to start!

3. I majored in Anthropolgy with a focus on primatology. I love this adorable Aye-aye shirt from SustainabiliTee!

4. I really do miss all the amazing people I met in Kenya! The other volunteers were incredible! I can't wait until they get back (December? January?) and I can have a conversation in KSL again!!! Until then, I'd like to enjoy looking at the pretty hands on these handpainted pots from Schwidle Shop.

5. Rabbits and squirrels!!! This Tambourine tote by is too perfect for me!!!

6. Gotta have some delicious sweets on your birthday! Assorted macarons from littleoven look lovely!

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