Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Asparagus and Amigurumi Fiver

For dinner tonight I wanted to make something to go along with the bottle of white wine (from Oregon in honor of the trip) we bought Saturday. We had some left over baby asparagus so I used it instead of basil to make some pesto with walnuts and both cheddar and parmesan cheese. Some bowtie pasta and chicken cooked in olive oil, salt and pepper, made for a super easy dinner that tasted fancy.

This cutie is my puppy dog, Fiver. I left him in the care of my parents when I went to Africa and missed my baby every day!

Part way through my service I received this little guy from Mom… Amigurumi Fiver! Complete with paint spot on his back and a few true hairs stuffed inside.

Matching spots!

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