Saturday, March 5, 2011

Weaving and Warps

I'm settling in on the Vineyard; taking care of my aunt and uncle's puppy (who has doubled in size since I'm been here!), trying to find a job (interview Tuesday), and weaving. And, I have some project pictures to share!



For my first project, I started making a bunch of samples and was able to finish the warp with a runner and two matching placemats. The edges are a bit wonky - I learned a lot about tension with this project. The table runner is made up of plain weave (white), basket weave and twill patterns (peach and lavender.) One placemat is done in twill and the other is basket weave. The basket weave placemat was done last and the thrums that I'd tied the warp with kept breaking so I had to force it. That's why it's so warped! (Get it?!) You can see the puppy (in all his gigantic-ness) in the background!


Now I'm setting up the warp for my second project. I keep forgetting to bring my good camera when I go weaving, so this is a phone pic I took while I was in the process of threading the heddles. I'm experimenting with the ideas behind the log cabin pattern but I'm using many colors, alternating thickness of yarns and not following a pattern. I should have enough on the warp to make four or five small rugs. I'll do each one differently to see what I like best.

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