Friday, October 15, 2010

Imperfection and Inspiration Obsession

I’m not perfect. My promise to myself that I’d update this blog every weekday lasted all of one week. But that’s okay. My new promise to myself is that I’ll update this blog whenever inspiration strikes. That could be once a day or that could be nothing for a week and then three times in one day. Someday, I have faith that it will be more consistent but, right now, I do not feel consistent so why should my blog?

My latest inspiration obsession is the brilliant blog, Color Collective by Lauren Willhite. I’ve been printing out the images for color inspiration and I take a binder full of them whenever I go to craft stores, yarn stores, etc to play with color combinations. So much fun! My latest Color Collective inspired project is a crocheted blanket that I’ve asked my grandmother to make for a future grandchild. My yarn combination was inspired by three Color Collective images:

David Bignotti

The afghan is going to be a zigzag - each row a different color. I'll post pics of Grammie's progress. I think the colors would work for either a girl or boy. And I might just have to buy that Hollie Chastain print to hang in the future kid's room! (fyi - I'm not married and do not have any thoughts of having babies anytime soon.)

The yarn is Cotton Ease in stone, taupe, charcoal, terracota, berry, maize and seaspray.

And here's my inspiration binder. The poem on the front is The Riddle of the World by Alexander Pope.

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  1. First of all, I LOVE your color choices!! I'm so excited that you are inspired by Color Collective. The fact that you print these out and take them with you to pick out yarn is quite humbling! I think I'll have to make myself a binder now :) Thanks again Erin!!!