Friday, October 1, 2010

Bears and Beautiful Prints

While I was in Portland I received a neighborhood alert email that a bear had been spotted walking around. One of the residents caught him on their security camera –

In many neighborhoods in Florida this is a common occurrence but, although I live near Bear Lake and Cub Lake, it’s a long way to any forested area. I really hope he got back to where he belongs. (I don’t really trust people around here to be understanding when it comes to wildlife.)

This all reminded me of that lovely painting in Amelie. You know the one…

Bear by Michael Sowa

I will now imagine that the girl is talking to the bear as she leads him back to where he belongs; telling him to stay there so that he’s safe and promising to visit... maybe she'll bring some sweets.

Here are some other bear prints that I find adorable -

Asleep and I Will Take a Nap by Emmi Jormalaine

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