Thursday, August 26, 2010

Fuzzy Felt and First Post

While cleaning and going through things I found my Fuzzy Felt Jungle kit that I loved when I was a kid. Inspired by the Kenyan animals I thought it'd be great as the banner for my new blog. I spent 15 months in Kenya working with Deaf children as a Peace Corps volunteer. I was assigned to a school Malindi near the beach. It was fun adding the details like the bougainvillea climbing the tree. I loved the bougainvilleas! I'm sure that a lot on this blog will be inspired by my time in Kenya.

I've been back in the US for 6 months. Now it's time to get to work - get excited about all the craft projects, cooking experiments, and lovely things I will discover. I love reading all the exciting blogs and seeing the creative ideas people are coming up with and I'm hoping this blog will keep me motivated to learn new skills and inspired to attempt them.

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