Thursday, November 25, 2010

Renaissance and Reality

It's time to be honest - this renaissance soul is a bit stuck...

Since I’ve been back from Kenya I’ve been struggling with what’s next.

Where will I live?
What will I do?

… the two basic questions I’ve asked myself over and over.

I’ve always felt misplaced and I’ve tried (a few times) to find my “home” but something always seems to send me backwards.

I finished reading Renaissance Soul a while ago and my Focal Points Sampler resulted in this:

(Things can be combined and flipped around. I tried to be more specific than just "crafting" but I feel that maybe some possibilities got left out.)

The next move is to act on something but, there just seems to always be a reason why not. It’s hard to figure out the first step. And, it’s hard to get motivated when your previous attempts have failed.

For example: I’ve considered teaching. It would be amazing to work at an underprivileged school and show kids that learning can be fun. But my teaching style isn’t wanted right now. What I hear from my old school is that you must follow the strict schedule. When the clock hits 10 you better be moving to science whether the class understood today’s math concept or not. I can’t do that. I can’t help them create this generation of “test takers” that don’t understand or care about what they’re actually doing. I’d get bored fast being strictly bound to the daily textbook page assignment.

I know I want to craft. I’d love to have a shop and I’m still considering opening Lovely Sundries on etsy. But I don’t have one craft passion to pursue and the business aspect intimidates the hell out of me!

So, now what?

I’ve been following some lovely blogs that give me hope:

Gala Darling
When I Grow Up
The Happiness Project
Gypsy's Girls Guide

But it's getting pretty dire that I pick something. And, although I’m inspired, I’m as confused as ever.

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